My New Bible!

Hi girls!

I got a new bible yesterday and I am literally SOOOOO excited about it. I have no idea why! It’s great!

Hence my excitement, I decided to write a blog post about it. {‘cos, no Christian girl blog is complete without a blog post on a brand new bible, am I right? ;)}

So … here it is! {I apologize for my photography skills. I took the pictures on my phone …so it’s my phone’s fault, yep, not mine, my phone’s.}


This bible feels so delicate! The leather is so soft and the pages feel like they are going to rip every time I turn a page! I feel so holy!!! 😉 Also, the writing is bigger, so I find it easier to read.

I purchased this here bible last night at my church mid-week meeting. We had a speaker from the TBS (Trinitarian Bible Society)  come and talk about their work, how they translated Christian books into different languages and spread the good news all over the world.

If you have had the TBS at your church or have seen one of their stalls you will know that they bring A LOT of stuff, bibles, Christian books, cards, colouring books, bookmarks, calendars. The list could go on.

When I sat down in the front row and looked over at the stall, I saw a turquoise bible and I thought: “That’s mine.”

I’m glad I got a new bible. My old bible means a lot to me  but it was falling apart, so I had to get a new one. There was another bible just like this one but brown. WHAT IS THE FUN IN THAT?!

Ok, last picture! Just for the fun of it …


I love that picture!

See y’all very soon!

Amber Xx


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