2016 Wrap-up

2017 is right around the corner.

Like … in a few hours!!!

Here’s a chance to tell ya’ll about what has happened to my life over the past year. I’ll take it!

My Blogs

Over the past few months Daughters of God has been growing. I’ve gained followers almost every week and you can’t understand how much that means to me! Thank you so much guys!

I’ve learned how to post more frequently now, (though it may not seem it judging by the time gap between this post and the last one!) and God really is putting more ideas into my heart.

It’s a Blog Life! is also blossoming. Although this blog doesn’t have as many followers as Daughters of God, I still do the occasional victory dance when I receive an email saying I have gained a new follower *whoop whoop*, and I still love to post and think up crazy blog post ideas to use!

Hopefully, both of my blogs will gain more followers and get more traffic in the months to come, but right now, I am perfectly content with how my blogs are flowing.

My Writing

As only some of you might now, I am writing a book based on the Medieval period. I am having immense fun with this book even though I haven’t quite started writing it yet. (I’m getting there! Don’t rush me!)

My short stories for It’s a Blog Life! are coming along nicely. Right now I am focusing on The Emerald Eye. A story about a young girl named Molly Oswald.

The Emerald Eye – Molly Oswald is in Secondary School, she wants to be popular amongst all the other girls. She becomes with smitten Luke Boston, a tall and handsome boy with a gift of science, but Luke might not be all he seems …

Molly soon finds herself  in the most abnormal of situations, was she really cut out for taking down a computer industry and fighting illegal robots?

*slow clap from the audience*

Sounds thrilling right?!

This story is sooooo fun to write and I absolutely love it! Hopefully, it will premiere very soon!

My Readings

Annie’s People, The Preacher’s Daughter ~ Beverly Lewis

Annie’s People, The Englisher ~ Beverly Lewis

Annie’s People, The Brethren ~ Beverly Lewis

5 Secrets of Story Structure ~ K. M. Weiland

Keep It Shut ~ Karen Ehman

(I feel so ashamed. I must read more books this year!)

My Travels

Earlier this year I went to France for two weeks!

We went with some friends of ours and unfortunately, my family didn’t take any pictures, but it’s ok! Our friends did! Whatta friends for, hey?

Later on, in the year I travelled on the train all the way down to London to go a three-day bible conference.On my own!  I felt so proud of myself! *wipes a tear from cheek*

My Personal Life

A lot of things has happened this year in my life.

In January I officially moved to the country with my family and I hated it! I had cried SO much. I was leaving everything behind me, my friends, my family, my church, my whole life was back in London. It was really hard.

So much changed for me.

I had to go to a new church, I had to get used to the peace and quiet of the countryside, I had to get used to a whole new house that was much bigger than my old one and I had to get used to not having as many friends around as usual. It was all so different.

Actually, I’m still accepting the change. There are many times where I just want to go back home to London. There are times where I really hate being in the country.

Last month, I became a member of my new church. I was really struggling. I was struggling more than I had ever struggled with the move. I didn’t want to become a member of the new church, my church was back in London.

Moving to new surroundings is really hard. Trust me, I know. Life really doesn’t seem fair sometimes. But when we say that life’s not fair, what we are really saying is that God makes horrible decisions for us. We are saying that God really doesn’t know what is best for us. But He does know what is best. He loves us all.

If God wanted me to become a member of the church then I had to. It’s God’s decision and not mine. If God wanted me to move to the country then I had to. It’s God’s decision and not mine. I just had to hand over the wheel and say, “God, you drive. You know where to go.”

God’s decisions may not always please us, I sometimes feel like God wasn’t thinking about what I wanted when I moved and joined a new church, but my Christian life shouldn’t be about what I want but about what God wants.

Throughout the year, many, many friends and family came to visit us.

My siblings and I, along with a few friends, made camps and dens in the back garden.

We collected apples, pears and plums for our new orchard and made juice until it was coming out of our ears.

I took a university course and passed.

We had a fantastic holiday in France, which we all enjoyed.

I got baptised with my sister.

I turned 15.

We saw the fields outside our bedroom windows blossom.

We saw the amazing transformations in the seasons.

We had walks in the woods, barbeques with friends, amazing weather in which my siblings and I would play in all day.

God is good.

I am blessed.

I am thankful for 2016.

I hope and pray that 2017 will be a good year for all of us.


Amber Xx

















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